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Great Blog Galaxy - Almost big enough to be seen!

This galaxy of blogs is the result of asking over 600 science bloggers what science blogs they read and then construct it as a network of bloggers reading blogs. The more people who read  your blog, the bigger your dot and name. And right there in the right middle is The Phytophactor, almost big enough to be seen!  If you drop straight down from the C in American of Scientific American, there's TPP.  Wow, does this ever give your ego a boost. And the funny thing is that TPP usually doesn't read that blog. Yikes, my dot just disappeared!  Just kidding!


Eric said...

Congratulations! Fuchsia suits you.

The Phytophactor said...

Fuchsia? Looks blue to me.

Eric. said...

You're being too modest. That tiny blue dot is Alex Jackson. You are the much larger dot--the letters "TOP" of Phytophactor cross yours. In 2015, may your dot grow ever larger.