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Great seasonal garden decorations

This little garden just wowed TPP when he noticed that the grasses in the center of this little traffic island had been bundled for the winter, a practice not all that unusual, but then enhanced by some choice additions of greens, and reds, and ribbon.  The over all effect, augmented by a bit of clinging snow, was terrific.  No idea at all who was so creative. Generally this bed is planted and kept by the
campus grounds crew, but they have never done anything like this before, nothing quite so ornamental, and as usual, the budget is always tight. Maybe a demonstration horticulture project by a student?  Technically the island is in a city street, so perhaps the city's crew, but somebody deserves some credit for a job really well done.  The golden brown tops enhanced by some red and white twigs contrast so nicely with the green and red sprigs hanging down.  So simple, yet so effective. Anyone ever seen something like this before?


Unknown said...

Try this again, yes campus grounds did this, that location is a huge focal point, I was curious what to do after tieing them up and just wanted them to stay tied, only fancier:)

The Phytophactor said...

And who would have thought Ms. Chainsaw was also good with ribbons?

Unknown said...

Ahhh, a woman of many talents! Most would be surprised what I can do. Our little group is little hidden talent and knowledge galore:)