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Out with a whimper

Today ends another semester, and as many of them as the Phactor has seen you would think he would get used to the fact that semesters, especially in the spring, always end with an anticlimatic whimper rather than going out with a bang.

I’m not big on fate, but every now and then coincidence provides you with quite a gotcha. Today’s Doonesbury that ran in our local paper, a rerun from years ago, hits so close to home that one is tempted to wonder about higher forces at work. But if such higher forces existed, they’d have way more important things to do than tweak a botanist.

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Anonymous said...

What a great article! We've been striving towards the reduction of grass for many years now and wish our neighbors would get the hint! With the reduction of grass, we've been able to trade in our old traditional mower for a more eco friendly push reel mower. Love the photo of brings back childhood memories of my parent's lawn as a blue carpet in the spring. Nice blog - I'll stay tuned for updates!

Dr. L