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College rankings for everyone

The Phactor is employed at an institution that often gets overlooked, and that can be rather annoying at times. Here in Lincolnland the perception was one of being quite ordinary, even when you knew you were much better, and as good as some institutions students were clamoring to get into. How does the happen? Perceptions do not match reality. However there are times when it's good to be overlooked.

Here's another college ranking that ignores our institution, and this one is gnarly to the max, but I'm not feeling badly about being overlooked. Still other college rankings make you so glad to be ignored. Other institutions find still other ways in which to excel; how easy is easy? Do you have a pulse?

Of course your institution does everything it can to change its reputation, recruit better students, and generally upgrade itself academically, and then you learn that the most frequent reason students chose you university over another was the quad was so attractive. Maybe I should go plant some more trees.

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