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Plants are dull and uninteresting!

OK, the Phytophactor is pissed. TV networks producers think programs about plants are dull and boring! What a bunch of simple-minded morons.

Plants do everything animals do, except crap and bite, but they do it with a great deal of dignity and grace. The bottom line is simple, it takes a sophisiticated intellect to appreciate something as subtle as a plant. A colleague of mine has pointed out on many occasions how people are "plant blind". To them plants are merely a passive backdrop against which animals move. Such people suffer from a simplistic perception, and they probably have difficulty appreciating fine food, classical music, and art too.

Like many other things, their inability to appreciate something is directly based on their ignorance of the subject. I suppose this isn't surprising because TV certainly appears to be aimed to the least common denominator of our society, so the people in charge must themselves operate at that level.

I am proud to say that I have wasted not one nanosecond on "reality shows". Exposure to Regis Philbin kills more brain cells than multiple head injuries. And the people who put such programming on TV think plants are uninteresting. Hmm, it does give you pause. No wonder scientists are considered elitists, real eggplant heads. Well, consider this, you would be naked, miserable, and hungry without plants, so cultivating an appreciation might be a wise thing to do.


Unknown said...

I just found your blog via this month's Berry-Go-Round, and I have to say, that this:

"Plants do everything animals do, except crap and bite, but they do it with a great deal of dignity and grace."

was the most elegant argument in favour of plant appreciation I have ever heard. Thank you.

Not that I need convincing. But I might have to quote you the next time I notice someone being insufficiently awed by a member of the plant community.

The Phytophactor said...

The Phytophactor is always glad to help with plant appreciation. I could have also mentioned that most plants are better behaved and have better personalities than many of my colleagues.